Air pollution Controls

MEC offers unsurpassed collective experiences, facilities, equipment and expertise in dust control system MEC is recognized for quality and timely shipments of our diverse product line including:

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Dryer Plant

Drying Technology Highlight Our Drying Technology is capable to dry applications containing moisture in all levels or accordance with customer requirements. Capacity data ranges 25 -100 Ton/Hr

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Sound Pollution Controls

MEC provides the full range of sound pollution control equipment from the standard model to customized equipment and system to suit your need. We also can design a noise-proof room or facility based on your requirement.

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Waste Separator

Waste separators, waste screening equipment, waste screenings systems, rotating trommel, waste trommel screen, waste sorting equipment.

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Animal Feed Mill

We Design Feed milling for the production of animal feeds, poultry feeds, and aquafeeeds in mash, pellet and extruded forms. Complete plant design and supply.

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Consulting & EN Design

We have Consulting & EN Design & Calculating Feed Mill Plant ,Organic Fertilizer Mineral & Coal ,Dryer Plant , Grain Dryer ,Waste Separate Recycle Tech ,Organic Fertilizer ,Renew able Energy , Bio Gas , Wood pellet plant , Civil steel structure design ,Construction design

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